Rethink storing your pots and pans

While attending online cooking school it is likely you have no control over how your kitchen is designed. It can be difficult to get all your pots and pans, dishware and food to fit inside of cabinets if your home or restaurant hasn’t been created with storage in mind. Plus, some cookware is just too pretty to shove into the pantry and forget about. Instead of hiding your pots and pans, consider storing them in these unique ways:

The rack
Creating a rack for your pots and pans can be much easier than you think. Grab some “s” hooks from a hardware store and strips of leather from a craft store. You can use the leather to make loops through the handles of your pots and pans. This allows for easier storage when you are hanging multiple larger items. As for what to hang them on? Make your own rack. If you have a kitchen island, consider hanging the cookware above it. Fun options for the rack part include a ladder, curtain rods or even an antique ox yoke. Just be sure that when you install the rack it is sturdy enough to hold all of your cookware and won’t fall down and injure someone.

The shelf
Want to kill two birds with one stone and give yourself twice the storage? Hang your pots and pans from a shelf. Consider placing it over the stove or a counter. Make sure the depth of the shelf isn’t so wide that it interferes with use of the stove or countertop. If you are planning to hang a lot of cookware or add heavy items on top of the shelf like dishes, you may consider not only attaching the shelf to the wall via studs, but also adding some support from above. A simple hook and eye can hold a strong wire from the ceiling and attach it to the very corner of the shelf so that you are sure it isn’t going to tumble your precious china or Le Creuset to the ground.

The cabinets
Even if you are renting your home, you can still revamp a cabinet to make it show off your beautiful cooking gear. Unscrew the door of a cabinet and store it someplace out of site. Place a tension rod in the back of the cabinet about an inch from the wall. Use “s” hooks to hang your pots and pans. They will be out of the way yet still in sight.

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