Make Your Breakfasts Ahead of Time

Many of us are no stranger to rolling out of bed at the last minute and running out of the house in a hurry every morning. Unfortunately, this may lead to skipping breakfast or choosing a quick, unhealthy option. Hitting the drive thru for a breakfast sandwich once in a while is a necessary evil in our rush rush culture, but there are plenty of more nutritious options that you don’t even have to be a culinary school graduate to make ahead of time. Here are a few options that you’ll be thankful for on a lazy Monday morning!

Quiche is nutritious and delicious.Quiche is nutritious and delicious.

Granola bars
Store-bought granola bars are always a quick option for a busy morning, but many people have the misconception that they’re a healthy choice when many are loaded with sugar. Instead you can make your own bars with granola, your favorite nuts or seeds, dried fruits or other ingredients like chocolate chips or shredded coconut. You can customize them any way you’d like!

If you want to make sure you have a well-balanced breakfast waiting for you in the morning, look no further than a quiche. These egg pies can cover all of the food groups with ingredients like peppers and spinach, bacon or ham, and cheese. You can make full-sized pie to keep in the refrigerator and slice each morning, or even bake individual ones in muffin tins.

Overnight oats
You can’t open up a Pinterest page without seeing at least one recipe for overnight oats, and for good reason. This quick and easy breakfast only takes a few minutes to prepare one night and you’ll be left with breakfast all week long. All you need are some rolled oats, milk, and your favorite oatmeal additions, like maple syrup, peanut butter or bananas. Simply let the mixture sit in the refrigerator overnight and you’ll have a breakfast you can eat on the go!

Breakfast burritos
We love burritos in all forms, so why not take that beloved dish and have it for breakfast, too? Scramble some eggs, mix in some of your favorite salsa, sauteed peppers and onions, cheese and breakfast meat, and roll it all in tortillas. You can bake these to melt the cheese or just put them in the fridge to be microwaved in the morning.

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