Keeping Up With – Food Facts, Vegan Strongman and Plating Tips

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Food Facts: Cassia Vs Ceylon Cinnamon
When the temperature starts to drop and the leaves turn, people begin to crave comforting fall flavors and spices. Cinnamon is one of most popular autumn flavors, sprinkled regularly into pumpkin pie and on top of a daily latte. As with many foods, there are some interesting facts about cinnamon that may surprise many. You can attend [Read More…]


Vegan Strongman Sets World Record
The idea that a person needs to consume large amounts of meat in order to achieve results and be successful in the world of bodybuilding is being challenged in a big way. Vegan athletes all over the world are living, competing and winning on a no-meat diet and have no desire to go back. If you [Read More…]


Plating Techniques And Tips
In this video, Escoffier Online’s Chef Fernando discusses different plating techniques and what to keep in mind when plating food.  Once the food is prepared choosing the correct plate is important when creating your master piece. When adding the food to the plate balance on the plate is key, place each item strategically. [Read More…]


Student Spotlight – John Basso
Meet John who is a Culinary Arts student with Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. He is recently taking the online program after his wife, Janel, enrolled him for a birthday gift. To learn more about John I asked him a few questions about his cooking passion and what his plans are for the future. [Read More…]

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