Insight Into America’s Next Huge Restaurant Trend: The Cat Cafe

Cat cafes have been making waves overseas but now they are coming to the United States. These tea and coffee shops are home to furry feline companions that offer up their affection while you sip away on a hot beverage.

Kit Tea
The first cafes to launch in the States are primarily located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kit Tea is one of those establishments and it strives to provide a lounging experience for cats and humans alike. It’s a gourmet tea house with a wide selection of drinks that offers an oasis for rescued kittens in need of a forever home. Kit Tea has partnered with Wonder Cat Rescue and Give Me Shelter to populate the cafe with the cats. Additionally, the owners have enlisted the help of cat behavioral consultant Daniel Quagliozzi to provide advice and ensure the animals are well cared for.

Cat Town
If one wasn’t enough, the Bay Area is getting another kitty-themed establishment, Cat Town Cafe. According to Eater, Ann Dunn, owner of a cat rescue organization of the same name, is the founder of this new shop. It will be a nonprofit venture with cat residents being sourced from the shelter. The entire goal of this cafe is to pair patrons with a furry friend to take home. Pet Food Express will be supporting the venture by paying the cafe’s rent and covering food costs.

Recently it was announced by Eater that Los Angeles will be getting its first cat cafe. Carlos Wong launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to fund Catfe. Its purpose is to become a hub for the animal community that spreads awareness about pet health and safety. Additionally, the cafe will hold adoption events with local shelters and even have animal therapy sessions, which help children and the elderly. In addition to hot beverages, there will be a range of bubble tea smoothies offered to guests. The flavors include lemon, blueberry, pomegranate, lemon and strawberry.

Cat Cafe future
If you are enrolled in a culinary arts program online you have to chance to jump onto this restaurant trend. You can whip up a range of pastry to serve alongside your hot beverages while you provide guests one-on-one time with friendly cats. You can also think of another restaurant concept that combines social awareness with tasty food and drinks.

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