Incredibly Lavish Thanksgiving Feast On Sale in New York

When you’re learning cooking online, it can be easy to sometimes lose sight of the glamour of the industry. While food has a certain pull for those of us who were born with a chef’s passion, many of the fundamental aspects and lessons of cooking are less alluring than the opportunity to create or eat something truly special. If you’re looking for an example of what you might be gaining the ability to cook, or simply have an interest in what the incredibly wealthy eat on one of our nation’s favorite holidays, you’ll want to turn your attention to a recent story out of New York. According to Bustle, those who feel so inclined, and who have the checkbook, can now pay $35,000 for a nine-course Thanksgiving dinner in the Big Apple:

The meal
Truly, a meal for the ages, the dinner being offered by the Old Homestead Restaurant in the historic Meatpacking District of the city is designed for a family of four – meaning it costs roughly $8,750 per person. Across the spread one will notice some Thanksgiving classics and some more innovative dishes, all done with the highest degree of class. For example, patrons will dine on sweet potatoes, but they will be garnished with multi-thousand dollar caviar. The menu will also include edible 24-carat flakes of gold, foie gras-stuffed squab (immature pigeon) and a turkey. The turkey, in keeping with the rest of the spread, will be garnished with Waygu beef from Japan, one of the finest cuts of meat in the world.

Sure, there will be people who read this and wonder to themselves, ‘who in their right mind would pay that much for a dinner?’ Indeed, it may be difficult to fathom paying what would cover a years tuition at many colleges for a holiday meal, but the extras are considerable. The package offered by the Old Homestead Restaurant also includes dance lessons, limousine service to and from the dinner, grandstand seating at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a shopping spree at Bloomingdale​’s worth $6,000.

Not that it would attract a particularly broad demographic to begin with, but the offer is open to a very select few. The Old Homestead is reportedly offering three of the aforementioned packages, two of which had already been claimed as of Nov. 24, 2014, ABC News reports.

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