In The Kitchen With Escoffier Online – How To Cook Beets

In the kitchen with Escoffier Online connects you with real chefs answering the world’s cooking questions one video at a time. In this video series, Chef  Mark Dolwing gives an online cooking lesson on how to cook beets.

Recipe For Beets:

6-8 Small to med sized red beets
2 whole Oranges, segments
1 Tbsp. Orange zest
1 cup Orange juice
¼ cup granulated sugar

1. Wash and scrub beets well, remove green tops only. Do not peel
2. Place in cold water, at 1 tsp salt, bring to boil and simmer until fork tender, add 1 Tbsp vinegar to simmering water cook beets covered. This may take 45 minutes or more depending on age of beet
3. Cool after cooked and peel while warm. Cut into quarter shapes like a wedge. Keep Warm
4. Combine sugar, OJ and zest in pot heat and reduce somewhat, add beets and if not enough liquid add more OJ
5. Season with salt and pepper
6. Serve with orange segments garnish on top

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