How To Perfectly Poach Eggs

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The perfect poached egg is one of the culinary arts’ greatest achievements. It’s one of the first tests for beginner chefs to show their skills and is considered a challenge for even seasoned chefs. Really, these things are nothing to mess with. But once you’ve had a couple of errors and you’ve learned what works best for you, your stove and your eggs, there’s no stopping your poached egg prowess. Remember these key points and you’ll be as golden as a yolk: the water needs some sort of acidity (vinegar or lemon juice), always put the eggs in another container first and swirling the water can help keep the eggs from spidering in the water. The lack of butter and predictable results of poached eggs make it an appealing option for breakfast lovers all around the world. But don’t stop there. They’re also really good over pasta, risotto, polenta and vegetables!

Follow along with this online cooking class as we show you how to make the most perfect poached egg. With just a little bit of guidance from us you’ll be an expert in no time.


2 tsp salt
1 fl oz vinegar
1 ½ cup water
Eggs—as needed

1. Bring a shallow pan of the water, salt and vinegar to a boil.
2. Break each egg into a small bowl and then carefully add the eggs, one at a time, into the boiling water where you can see it boiling.
3. Reduce the temperature and allow them to cook at poaching temperature (180F) for approximately 3 minutes. The white should be sufficiently solid when you remove.
4. When ready to remove, use a perforated spoon and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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