How To Make Swiss Buttercream

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Looking for that perfect icing to hold up to warmer weather? Look no further than the queen of all icings, the swiss buttercream. The meringue base of this icing means that it stands up to just about anything. No melting here! It also means it’s especially light and fluffy—a quality that’s a must for our frosting fancies. We especially love it when it comes to icing decorating! Want those tidy stars or spotless piped lines? The swiss buttercream should be your go to icing to get those perfect peaks. Although it may not be as easy as milk and sugar, this recipe is well worth the extra effort.

Watch along with our online pastry school chef as she shows you how to make a swiss buttercream. This versatile icing is perfect for every occasion!

Swiss Buttercream

8 oz super fine sugar
4 oz egg whites
14 oz butter at room temperature
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Warm the sugar and eggs whites over a double boiler until they reach 120 degrees F. Whip on a stand mixer until they form a stiff peak.
2. Slowly add the room temperature butter and whip. Add the vanilla extract and continue to whip until light and fluffy.

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