How To Make Glace De Veau

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Here’s a little fact for you that just might absolutely blow your mind: almost any sauce meant to accompany your meat uses this lovely stuff as the base. At least, that’s the way Auguste Escoffier intended it. Some people might cheap out and opt for plain old beef broth or a store bought version but it’s definitely just not the same. Glace de Veau is the stock base created by cooking down veal meat and veal bones with an assortment of flavor enhancing vegetables and herbs. The stock is the base for demi-glace, the other really important veal sauce in classical cuisine. And although it may seem like a cinch, making a great glace de veau is actually quite complicated and requires an impeccable recipe, a good amount of attention and just the right amount of everything. This is definitely one of those recipes where a pinch definitely means a pinch. But the final product…. Ooh la la, c’est magnifique! And once you’ve made some, pop it in the freezer and continue to enjoy its rich sweet saltiness for many sauces to come. Add it to brown sauce to make a gorgeous Espagnole Sauce, as a beautiful addition to bordelaise sauce or to give an extra little something to the already complex flavors of marsala sauce. Just like any stock, this veal reduction is one of the most useful recipes you can learn in the culinary arts.

In this online culinary course, we show you how to perfect the demi-glace and include our flawless recipe that mirrors Escoffier’s own. Learn one of the most important stocks or reductions in the vast world of the culinary arts in this comprehensive video tutorial.

Glace de Veau

Veal stock


  1. Pour stock into sauce pan.
  2. Simmer over very low heat.
  3. Skim often.
  4. Reduce by half.
  5. Pour into pan and cool.
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