How to get on the bartender’s good side

Bartenders have busy, hectic jobs full of slinging drinks and taking orders. They love a well-behaved patron who tips properly and doesn’t waste their time. Learn some tips to get on a bartender’s good side below:

Know your order
Bartenders are busy. Know what you want before calling them over. If you have a question, that’s fine but, have some idea of what you’d like so they’re not standing around as you mull over the menu. Be specific. If you’re looking for a pale ale, ask for one, don’t just request a beer. If you’re partial to a certain brand of liqueur in your mixed drink be sure to say that during your order, not after they’ve made the beverage.

Don’t feel entitled
Even if you go to this particular bar four nights a week, that does not mean you are going to get a drink faster than everyone else. Never assume your drink should be free. As a chef with online cooking school experience, you won’t give free food to regulars of your restaurant every time they visit. This is how people are making a living. Don’t jeopardize their livelihood by getting angry that you don’t get a free drink.

Keep it under control
If you’re out with friends and one of them gets too drunk and starts causing problems, it is your job to deal with him or her. The bartender has enough to do – being a bouncer or fighting off your drunken pal is not in the job description. Remove your friend from the situation if he or she is getting out of hand. The same goes for yourself – if you have had too much, go home. Don’t argue with the bartender if he or she refuses to serve you, as it will only make you feel worse the next day and you may be too embarrassed to return to the establishment for a while.

Tip well
It is well known that bartenders live on tips. Base your tip amount on how good their customer service was and how much time and effort it took to make the drink. Choose a smaller tip for easy items like wine or beer and a more significant amount for complicated mixed drinks or anything that involves flames or skewers.

Don’t hit on them
When you’re a bartender, you can’t exactly leave every time you’re being harassed. Don’t make the people behind the bar feel uncomfortable by coming on to them when they clearly have no interest. They are doing their jobs and you are interfering. Some bartenders may flirt with patrons to get a bigger tip and others flirt because they genuinely like you. If it seems like he or she is interested, go for it. If not? Move on.

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