How to Cut a Whole Chicken

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Fabricating a chicken can be the true test of any person’s culinary abilities. Or their ick tolerance. Sure, handling raw meat comes with the territory of anyone who cooks with it but cutting up something piece by piece definitely requires getting up close and personal. In this case, prepare to get friendly with everyone’s favorite poultry. The biggest question is probably what the point of doing this is. First, it’s much cheaper to cut up your own pieces of meat than to buy them at the store. A whole chicken will usually run you a mere $5. For that you get way more than 3 small boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Second and most importantly, cutting up an entire chicken gives you the backbone, an essential factor in making the best stock. Pretty nifty, eh?

In today’s online culinary class, we show you how to fabricate an entire chicken, bit by bit. This crucial piece of culinary knowledge will lend its hand in many future cooking ventures!


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