Four Great Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Foodie Mom

Regardless of whether or not she attended culinary arts school online, there’s something comforting about mom’s home-cooked meals. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is a great time to look into the latest cooking gadgets on the market for your foodie mom. If your mom’s cooking is worthy of the finest culinary schools, take a look at these items she’d love to have in the kitchen.

French press coffee maker
If your mom is like the rest of us, she probably needs a steaming cup of coffee to truly wake up in the morning. For Mother’s Day, you can help her take her caffeine craving to the next level with a French press coffee maker. It’s classic design is easy to use, and she will be able to experience her favorite coffee beans and flavors in a fresh new way.

Slow cooker
This retro cooking tool is a gift that keeps on giving, and can help mom feel nostalgic about her childhood spent in the kitchen with her own mother. Whether her Crock-Pot needs an upgrade or she has never really experimented with a slow cooker, she is bound to love this fun cooking apparatus and the delicious meals she’ll come home to at the end of the day.

Panini press
When mom packed your lunch when you were a child, odds are she whipped up a tasty sandwich a time or two. However, she may be surprised at how much better even a simple sandwich can taste when it’s toasted and pressed. Help her try it out by giving her a panini press. This fun gadget cooks food from the top and bottom simultaneously, so she will also be able to cut down the amount of time she spends in the kitchen.

Stovetop smoker
If your mom loves aromatic flavors, a stovetop smoker may be a great gift. Whether it is inclement weather, space concerns or other factors that are preventing her from having a smoker in the backyard, these issues will no longer matter when she is able to smoke her foods indoors. With a stovetop smoker, she will be able to experiment with a new method of cooking and create delectable fish, meat and vegetable dishes infused with the sweet flavors and aromas of with a variety of wood chips.

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