Food-themed hotels to check out

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People often choose what hotel to stay at by how good the food is. What if you didn’t have to leave your room to get a taste of your favorite dish? We’re not talking room service. At these hotels, food is everywhere, just not in its entirely edible form. Food-themed hotels are popping up all over the country to cater to foodies in a whole new way.

Food Hotel
This lavish escape in Neuwied, Germany, has a supermarket theme. Each room represents a different brand that you might find at a German grocery store. There is a double room with the Carrier Refrigeration company theme, complete with a glass table that resembles an ice cube and floaty, see-through curtains similar to the look of fridge shelving. The Coca Cola room is a double that features a giant headboard photo of the classic glass Coke bottle. The HILCONA Delicatessen room features pillows and artwork of ravioli and various pastas. The Früh Kölsch double room features bar chairs, a stainless steel, red and orange color scheme and even a diner tray table complete with the beer’s famous logo. Other themes include Royal Meat, OTG East Frisian Tea Company, Inter snack chips and even Zentis, a popular brand of jam. Each room comes with samples of the brand’s offerings and travelers can choose a certain room or be placed in one at random. You just might dream of sauerkraut and cheeses in these grocery-themed bedrooms.

Adelphi Hotel
Want to take a trip to Melbourne, Australia? Consider staying at this hotel that is much appreciated by individuals in the baking and pastry arts. The entire facility is dessert-themed. The 34 rooms offer all the amenities of a modern hotel with a retro vibe and the addition of sweet-themed furniture. In the front lobby, the bar stools are shaped like multi-colored candies and the couches look like lollipop wrappers. Every room comes complete with a Lavazza coffee maker and a jar of Happy Lab sweets, chocolate and fruity candies along with other tasty junk food. The popular hotel restaurant was named after “Sesame Street” character Cookie Monster’s often repeated phrase, “Om nom.” Adelphi is all about being a sensory experience. The entire facility is full of a mix of bright vibrant colors and modern furniture that mixes with the dessert-inspired items. Guests can even choose their own pillow scent from a menu to really indulge in the sweets theme.

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