Fire damages popular Rhode Island restaurant

Students of international online cooking schools may be disappointed to learn that a fire recently damaged a popular East Coast eatery. According to the Providence Journal, a fire broke out at the Pearl Restaurant in Providence early on Wednesday, Dec. 31 2014. The restaurant, which has become one of the hottest Rhode Island spots for both dining and nightlife, is said to have begun burning in the early morning of New Year’s Eve Day, at which point firefighters and emergency services personnel were dispatched to mitigate the situation. While it certainly could have been worse, this represents a considerable roadblock for the well-liked establishment as it moves into 2015.

The fire
TVL Broadcasting affiliate WPRI Eyewitness News has reported that the fire is thought to have first started shortly after 2 AM on New Years Eve Day. Heavy smoke and flames are said to have been visible from the street, emerging from the second floor of the restaurants location at 393 Charles Street in Providence’s downtown district. The cause of the fire, regrettably, is not yet known, though investigators and fire department employees have not yet been able to rule out foul play or arson as potential sources of the blaze.

New Year’s Eve plans
It seems that a fair amount of individuals in the Rhode Island city will be affected by this fire in more ways than one. While fans of the restaurant and cocktail lounge will have one less place to enjoy their favorite cuisine for at least a small part of 2015, their New Year’s Eve plans have also been put on hold. According to the restaurant’s website, the establishment had planned to throw a party celebrating the New Year. The ticketed event was expected to run from 5 PM until 3 AM and feature a number of musical acts and entertainers including Chachi Carvalho, DJ DickG and The International Players as a backing band. Unfortunately, this party will no longer be taking place. Obviously, the impact of the fire will also be felt as the restaurant loses business opportunities during reconstruction.

Silver linings
While this sort of event is always bemoaned by members of the culinary community, it is worth noting that the situation could have been far worse. According to multiple news outlets, nobody was injured or killed in the blaze. The fire was categorized as a two alarm blaze, meaning that firetrucks and emergency crews were dispatched from two different fire precincts. Had the incident occurred during business hours or while staff was present, it could have been a more drastic situation.

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