Exploring Thanksgiving Pies

Pie is the star of the Thanksgiving dessert table. There are a variety that are enjoyed ever year, however pastry chefs like to create twists on the classics. To learn the fine art of baking a pie to perfection, enroll in an online pastry arts program. In contrast to cooking, baking is often considered a science. In order to master many techniques you need to learn from professionals at a culinary arts school.

Here is a brief overview of a few traditional holiday pies:

Pumpkin is very popular during fall. It’s in our daily latte and morning muffin. It’s also a main feature during Halloween. But by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, it takes a bit of a backseat to Turkey, stuffing and all the sides. However, the tasty gourd makes an appearance in pie. Pumpkin pie is often served two ways – some people prefer it topped with whipped cream while others like the purest approach of the creamy filling offset by the flaky pastry.

Fall is also apple season. Because this fruit is a popular ingredient in pies, pastry chefs like to reinvent the dessert by making the deep dish version. These variations have double, sometimes triple the apples all topped with a tasty pastry crust. For a special Thanksgiving-style pie add some tart cranberries to complement the apples.

The next dessert in the lineup of popular Thanksgiving pies is pecan. This pastry is extra sweet because the toasted nuts are combined with corn syrup, brown sugar and melted butter. For playful twists on this traditional dessert, some make it in tartlet, bar and cupcake forms.

More pies
Other favorite Thanksgiving pies include lemon curd, berry, meringue, caramel cream and sweet potato pies.

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