Dizengoff debuts in Philadelphia

Students enrolled in online cooking school while residing in the Philadelphia area should try and find time to visit Dizengoff, one of the newest restaurants in the local culinary scene. The restaurant, which is a member of the already celebrated CookNSolo Restaurant Group, features an Israeli-inspired style of cuisine, and is run by the owners of Zahav, another local Philadelphia eatery. Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov, owners of multiple Philly restaurants and the aforementioned restaurant group, intend to use this restaurant as something of a less volume-driven version of Zahav, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Dizengoff is a hummusiya, a shop of Israeli nature that focuses almost solely on two specific items: pita bread and hummus. While the store features a wide variety of different types of hummus, it is the hope of Cook and Solomonov that the singular focus will allow for a higher level of quality to translate into the food. Cook further explained this sentiment in an interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“People are naturally inclined in equating having choices as a positive thing,” said Cook. “Of course, if every choice and every option is done really well, that is true. But, for every menu item you have, by definition, that’s less attention that you have to divide between all the other menu items.”

Indeed, Dizengoff’s menu embodies this thought completely. At the time that the restaurant opened, there were only four options on the menu, each a different variation of pita, hummus and vegetables. Yet, every dish offers a distinctly different culinary experience. For example, those looking for something simple but delicious might try the hummus with ground lamb, while the more adventurous might be inclined to try the hummus with matbucha and haminado egg.

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