Curtis Duffy’s Crispy Pig Tail From Three Michelin Star Restaurant Grace

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This dish, made popular by Chef Curtis Duffy of the 3 Michelin star restaurant Grace in Chicago, is a harmonious mix of an array of different ingredients.

Pig tail is braised, the tender meat stripped from the bones and then broken down and mixed with other ingredients to form meatball-esque shapes. The balls are then coated in gluten-free flour, beaten eggs, amaranth and fried until perfectly crispy. In addition, cauliflower plays a main role in this dish: one as a spiced puree and the next as thinly sliced florets reminiscent of ocean coral.

To finish it off, purple Belgian endive is braised, the perfect flavor compliment to the two other components. Watch how this top chef and online culinary school partner prepares one of his restaurant’s unique menu items in this step-by-step demonstration.

And what does it mean to be a restaurant in the Michelin Guide or to have a Michelin Star? It’s one of the top honors a chef and a restaurant can receive, a rare designation of pure excellence in the art of food.

Curtis Duffy of Grace Restaurant

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