Crostinis: An Easy Holiday Snacks

With the end of the year approaching, you probably have a lot of planning and organizing to do before you can even think about putting food in your stomach. However, having something to snack is what you’ll need to keep you going throughout this busy holiday season. One of the lightest, yet tastiest snacks you can prepare is the crostini, which is just a fancy term for baguette slices toasted golden brown. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a student enrolled in online cooking courses, you’ll want to check these out.

Sweet toppings
Drizzled dark chocolate and sea salt – This topping is simple yet versatile. This pairing allows you to serve your crostinis as a light snack that pairs well with cocktails. It can also double as a substitute for those sugar heavy holiday cookies. Consider going the extra mile and adding some spice to the recipe: a light dusting of cayenne pepper, hot paprika or chili powder should add some heat to the sweetness.

Melted butter and cinnamon – Topping your crostini with cinnamon and brown sugar after lightly buttering it is another favorite. Experiment with a light layer of fresh nutmeg dusting on top for a different experience.

Persimmon and cream cheese – Slice up a layer of fresh persimmon and spread some cream cheese over your baguettes for a fruity crostini.

Savory toppings
Chicken liver pate – Try using this spread as an antipasta appetizer. Sprinkle a little sea salt to bring out the flavor of the spread.

Roast beef, artichokes and olives – Layer your toasted baguette slices with a thin slice of roast beef, chopped scallions and thin pieces of olives and artichokes hearts. Add a dollop of fresh sour cream to round out the flavors.

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