Best Quick Snacks For Late-Night Hunger

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Late-night hunger strikes everyone at some point, and while most combat it with a bag of chips (or something similar), you can create a gourmet treat. Harness the skills you learned as a student of an online culinary school and prepare a delicious snack in no time using leftover ingredients. Here area few ideas for a fast fix:

Grilled cheese
Making grilled cheese takes very little effort, as you simply slather butter over bread and toast it with cheese in a frying pan. You may be wondering how a childhood classic can be gourmet, but it’s an easy change. Pick better ingredients and you’ll have yourself a fast gourmet treat to quell late-night hunger. For example, choose a loaf of artisan bread and top it with three of your favorite cheeses. Add a little garlic aioli for a delicious touch.

Huevos rancheros
Introduce some spice into your midnight snack by making a quick huevos rancheros. You can cook one or two eggs, depending on how hungry you are. Either way, prepare them sunny side up. Toast a flour tortilla in a frying pan (which only takes a few seconds on each side), then top it with your eggs and salsa. This is the perfect late-night snack to make if you have leftover homemade pico de gallo from another dish. Furthermore, huevos rancheros is a balanced treat filled with protein, carbs and vitamins that will keep you full.

Gather bagels, cream cheese, capers, onions and cured or smoked salmon to compose a delicious midnight treat. Toast your preferred bagel, then spread some schmear over both sides. Top it with cured or smoked salmon (either bought or homemade), capers and a couple of onion slices. This fast meal will stave off hunger for the rest of the night. Furthermore, you can use smoked salmon left over from another meal you made if you so choose. Lox can be made a number of ways. Some prefer a slice of tomato over onions while others leave out the capers.

Guacamole is one of those condiments that’s easy to make and extremely versatile. Most everyone has their own recipe version, so use whatever best fits your tastes. For example, mash your avocados with sliced tomato and onion and sprinkle in salt, pepper and garlic powder. Finish off the recipe with a squeeze of lemon or lime, which will also help keep the avocados from turning brown too quickly.

Enjoy your guacamole as a late-night snack by dipping in chips or spreading it over toast and top it with bacon.

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