Best lemonade recipes for the summer

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Many people have their first business venture with a lemonade stand. One taste of that sweet and tangy drink says to kids and adults alike that summer has finally arrived. The weather continues to get hot, showing little sign of letting up, and we are left to quench our thirst with the classic summer beverage.

Lemonade has been around as a drink for nearly a thousand years. Accounts dating back to the 12th century cite its tremendous popularity. The drink did not alter much in the years after, sticking to its traditional lemon juice, sugar and water components. It wasn’t until fairly recently that lemonade became a culinary amusement. Chefs and restaurants have been recreating this classic in exciting ways. To keep the taste buds excited all summer long, here are a few lemonade recipes that will please those getting online culinary certificates.

An herb sensation
Too often herbs are overlooked in the field of drinks. Often reserved for the over-21 crowd, herbs can play a delicate role in the flavor of lemonade. The lemon is suited to the spice and savory flavors of herbs. Edible Brooklyn published a list of its top herb-lemonade picks, which featured lavender, basil, mint, sage, rosemary and ginger.

The best way to infuse an herb into lemonade is by making a simple syrup. Boil 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of water until the mixture becomes a syrup. Once your syrup begins to thicken, add a generous amount of your favorite herb (preferably fresh) and simmer until the syrup is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. After cooking, carefully strain the syrup. Add the mixture of flavored syrup to lemon juice and water.

Fruit flavors
When making a lemonade with other fruits, the options are endless. If a blender is handy, take copious amounts of your favorite summer sweet and puree it with a small amount of water. Then, simply add this to your lemonade. For those looking to make a fruity simple syrup, add chopped fruit to your sugar-water mixture and cook until it looks like jam. Once the fruit has cooled, take a small amount and mix it with your lemon juice and water. For some fresh summer flavors, try blackberry, watermelon or peach.

For those looking to add a bit of bounce to their step, try adding a jigger of whiskey or gin.

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