Are you making these 6 mistakes with scrambled eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a favorite here at this online culinary school. They’re quick, taste great and keep you full for hours. But you could be making mistakes that prevent these eggs from tasting their best. Here are six common mishaps you should avoid when cooking scrambled eggs:

1. Not whisking eggs long enough
If you want your eggs to be nice and fluffy, it’s important to whisk them thoroughly. Rushing through the process will leave you with uneven eggs. To avoid making this mistake, make sure to whisk your eggs until the yolk is completely blended with the white. This should take you about 30 to 40 seconds.

2. Cooking on high heat
Eggs are one of the foods you never want to cook on high heat. If you do this, there’s a good chance they’ll burn. After you preheat the pan over medium heat, turn the heat down to low. It may take a little longer to cook your eggs, but you will have better control over them and prevent overcooking.

3. Cracking eggs in pan
Although it’s nice not to dirty another dish, it’s necessary to break your eggs into a bowl. According to Bon Appetit, if you crack your eggs in the pan, they will come out more streaky.

4. Adding milk
You were probably taught as a kid that milk is an essential ingredient for scrambled eggs. The truth is, however, milk can actually dry out your eggs and give them a rubbery consistency. Skipping the milk or any other type of liquid will give you much creamier eggs.

5. Seasoning eggs too soon
Don’t be tempted to add salt and other herbs to your eggs too soon. If you try to season the eggs in the middle of the cooking, the salt can break down the eggs, making them watery. If you wait until the end to season your scrambled eggs, they will turn out better.

6. Using a cast iron pan
If you currently use a cast iron pan to cook your eggs, it’s time to make a change. These pans require a lot of oil to keep the eggs from sticking. If the eggs do stick to the pan, they will not cook evenly. Make things easier on yourself by using a non-stick pan.

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