Ancient Grains To Be Featured More Prominently In 2013

Ancient grains began to make a comeback in mainstream culinary culture over the past few years, but in 2013, food experts predict that these ingredients will be integrated into more recipes, menus and snacks across the country. Hailed for their healthy properties and culinary versatility, ancient grains are a favorite experimental ingredient for cooks of all skill levels, ranging from world renowned chefs to beginners who are enrolled in online culinary school.

According to Murphy O’Brien Public Relations, trends show that ancient grains like bulghur, spelt, quinoa, couscous, freekeh and faro will become staples on more menus in 2013. These ingredients will be used as heartier substitutions for other grains like rice and pasta, and, in some cases, will allow your favorite foods to have higher fiber and protein content.

“Ancient grains bring eye-popping novelty,” Maria Speck, author of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, wrote in an email to The Boston Globe. “They give chefs amazing textures and distinct flavors, and even stunning colors to play with.”

This prediction works well with the farm-to-table dining movement, which invites cooks to look to sustainable ingredients when creating their dishes. Heirloom foods, dietary allergy restrictions and a turn away from mass-produced and commercially​-grown foods also join in on this environmentally friendly movement.

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