4 Interesting And Delicious Ways To Eat Black Beans

Black beans are a great choice for almost any meal because they’re tasty, versatile and healthy. According to Medical News Today, 1 cup of black beans contains around 19.5 grams of protein and 14 grams of dietary fiber, making them a great choice for everyone, including vegetarians. Many culinary school programs have realized the versatility of black beans and are now teaching students new and unique ways of cooking with them. Here are a few recipes you may want to try:

Black bean lasagna
When most people think lasagna, they think of red sauce, meat, cheese and pasta; well, all you need to do is replace the meat in that equation with black beans and you’ll have a delicious lasagna dish for the whole family. When making it, cook and then mash the black beans with a potato masher or consider blending them lightly with a food processor. Mashing or blending them will assist with the consistency of the lasagna and will help slices hold their shape better when you dish them out.

Spinach, salsa and black bean pizza
If you enjoy the lasagna, try making a spinach, salsa and black bean pizza. To do this, forget about the typical red sauce. Get your dough ready, and then cook and mash a can of black beans. Combine them with diced onions, ground cumin, some chili powder and any other spices you want to add. Next, spread that mixture evenly over the pizza crust. Once the crust is fully covered, add spinach and cilantro. Sprinkle the pie with plenty of sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese and place it in the oven. After the cheese is melted and the crust crispy, it’s ready to be served.

Black bean veggie burger
Most people want juicy ground beef in their burger, but if done right, a black bean burger can be just as satisfying. Black beans can be cooked and then mashed and combined with sweet potatoes or zucchini as well as spices to make one tasty veggie burger. A food processor and some flax or bread crumbs will come in handy to get the texture right. These ingredients make the rest of the patty stick together and hold the perfect shape. Once you have patties made, place them on the grill for a few minutes and enjoy.

Black bean ice cream
When it comes to dessert, it might be hard to believe that black beans can be a useful ingredient, but they can. While the sound of black bean ice cream might not get your mouth watering, you’ll be surprised how tasty it is. To make black bean ice cream, rinse and cook the black beans. Then, put them in a food processor with some heavy whipping cream and sugar, and blend until it reaches a creamy texture. Next, add in other ingredients like blueberry or blackberry yogurt or chocolate syrup. After a night in the freezer, you’ll have delicious homemade black bean ice cream.

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