Escoffier Online Recipe – Bean Bundles

Bean Bundles
serves 2

7oz Beans
1oz Leek
1oz Butter

Preparation Steps:
1. Wash and top and tail the beans. Blanch and refresh
2. Cut the leek into strips 1/8 inch thick. Blanch and refresh
3. Divide the beans into the desired amount of serves
4. Spread the leek strips out on a cutting board and place one bean portion on each strip. Tie
the leek around the beans to form a bundle
5. Cut the ends of the bundles to even lengths

Cooking Steps:
1. The bundles are heated through for service with the butter and seasoning. This can be
done in a pan or in the oven

1. Place onto a pre-warmed vegetable dish or as a garnish
Hint: Bacon, prosciutto or chives can be used to wrap the bundles instead of leek.

Key Ingredient: Beans
Key Skills: Blanching
Equipment Needs: Chef’s knife, pot with lid
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: ½

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