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Food is like a language – it speaks in different tones and dialects. Online culinary school students learn the delicate variations that their creativity can command. The same applies to drink. Food can be trained to accept compliments from the right wine. Executive chefs learn throughout their careers the proper grape to pair with their dishes. Unpracticed restaurant-goers and chefs in training now have a bit of technology to help them along the road to enlightenment.

An assortment of apps that deal specifically with wine have popped up on smartphones recently. Each app offers various versions of the same thing, a pathway to increased wine awareness.

When at a restaurant, a tech enthusiast may want to pull out the wine app WineGlass. This application will help make a daunting wine menu more approachable.

“How are we normals ever supposed to know what the hell ‘Coche-Dury Auxey-Duresses, Cote de Beaune” means?” said creator Roddy Lindsey when explaining his app to Eater.

The app experience begins by letting the restaurant guest piece through the menu by noting wine ratings and reviews. Once a wine has been selected, suggestions for what food to order become available. This way, no wine will go unappreciated.

The tech of wine
Another app that seems to be breaking new ground is called Delectable. This full-intensive app allows a user to scan a bottle’s label and discover the selection’s ratings from professional sommeliers and journalists alike. Aside from ratings, the app divulges in-depth information such as the winemaker, the wine’s name, what grapes were used and from which region it hails. Similar apps include HelloVino, which will help you shop for the right wine based on your taste preferences, and Wine Spectator’s Wine Ratings, which will help you know when a wine is prime for corking. Another popular app is Natalie MacLean Wine Reviews & Ratings, which offers recipes that you can pair with your wine selection.

Once all wines have been assembled and the cellar is stocked, Eric LeVine’s app is at the ready. He created his app,, to keep track of the cellar list. Aside from cataloging the cellar contents, it also contains facts on the various bottles and lets the user write tasting notes for future shopping reference. These apps are sure to simplify the wine experience. With less confusion and more enjoyment, everyone can be a professional sommelier.

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