Soup: From Classic to Modern

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Don’t think that because the warm weather is finally here that you can’t enjoy a nice bowl of stew every now and again. Hot soups regularly make an appearance on the menus of some of the world’s more tropical environments, most of it due to the fact some old wives tales say that eating hot and spicy food when you’re hot and spicy yourself will help cool you down. If you just can’t get on board with that, you’ll be delighted to know there are tons of scrumptious cold soups as well, ranging from vegetable bases to yogurt. Variations of the delightfully revitalizing Tarator, a classic yogurt-based Bulgarian soup, are common summertime refreshers all throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East. There are even fruit based ones like the mouthwatering strawberry soup, a lovely dessert dish that is even better topped with whipped cream and some mint sprigs.

In our online soup class, Chef Thomas walks you through everything you always wanted to know about soup. Learn new recipes, facts and great pointers on this always in-season food.

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