November’s Social Media Scholarship Winner Announced

Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy has named this November’s scholarship winner! On November 14th, Rupert Handford was chosen to receive a full scholarship for the program of his choice – he chose to join the online Culinary Arts program!

After announcing the winner, we asked Rupert Handord about winning the Escoffier scholarship and what he wants to gain from the program. Here is what he said!

Escoffier: Why did you decide to go to culinary school?
Handford: I love cooking and wanted to develop my culinary knowledge, with the possibility that I may like to go professional at some stage in the future. As a full-time carer for my wife I was unable to attend a culinary school due to the amount of time that this would take me away from the house. Having done extensive research online I chose Escoffier Online Culinary Academy as they have an excellent reputation and I can study at home and at my own pace, enabling me to study while maintaining my other commitments.

Escoffier: What you are looking to gain from the program?
Handford: I am interested in all aspects of cookery but especially in Modernist Cuisine. I chose this program to give me a sound understanding of the underlying principals of the culinary arts, thus giving me a good knowledge base to build on in the future. The program will also result in a good online profile and qualification that I can show potential employers in the future.

Escoffier: How did you feel when you found out you were the November scholarship winner?
Handford: I am extremely grateful for winning the scholarship as this means that I may now accelerate my studies in the culinary arts, while being overseen by a professional Chef mentor. As I have very little income as a carer, this scholarship means that I may now study at an agreed pace, rather than apace set by financial restrictions. Since I first contacted Escoffier Online every single member of staff that I have been in contact with, have been extremely helpful and professional in their approach to me and therefore I would like to say a massive thank you to all your staff.


Don’t give up just yet. We will continue picking a winner each month, which could be you! Make sure to follow us on our social media sites if you haven’t done so already. We pick the winner of  the contest from our social media following.


We will be giving away a series of monthly free cooking school scholarships for using social media. Aspiring chefs can win a free ride to Escoffier Online’s culinary or pastry chef program – a $4,000 value. To enter, just follow Escoffier Online on social media, including Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or FacebookThe contest is now open, and the next winner will be announced mid-December.

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