Mourad Lahlou to open new restaurant in San Francisco

If you’re trying to learn everything you can about cooking, the culinary arts and the industry at large, then you understand the importance of finding appropriate and impressive examples of what success looks like in the industry. Well, if you’re based in the Bay Area and are currently taking an online culinary course, then you may have a new destination to add to your list of must-see restaurants. According to the San Francisco Business Journal, Mourad Lalou, a Michelin-starred chef, will soon be opening a restaurant that he’s been working on for more than two years.

The restaurant
San Francisco Gate has reported that the restaurant does not yet have an official name, but that nearly every other detail of the establishment has already been concluded. It will be located at 140 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s downtown district. The eatery will be one more addition to an area that has seen a sort of cultural renaissance throughout the last decade, joining a host of new and successful restaurants and businesses. It has been reported that Moroccan fare will be chief among the menu, along with a handful of American twists on the popular cuisine.

While this venture will be an entirely new foray for Lalou, he is certainly not without a fair amount of established success already. Currently, he owns and operates Aziza, a restaurant located in outer Richmond, where his wonderful culinary stylings have garnered him a Michelin star, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

Design and execution
In designing the restaurant, Lalou has enlisted a partnership with esteemed architect Olle Lundberg, the face behind Lundberg Architects. The two have designed the restaurant in a nearly 6,000 square foot space located in SoMa Tower, an art-deco themed building that is already quite noteworthy for being the headquarters of the popular service Yelp. With its current layout, the unnamed restaurant should be able to seat anywhere from 160 to 170 diners at any given time. The restaurant will be opening early in 2015, and is expected to see a great deal of business immediately, as Lalou’s followers have eagerly anticipated the eatery for the more than two years that have gone into planning it.

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