Ideas For Your Valentine’s Centerpiece

You have less than a week to plan and execute a Valentine’s celebration for your loved ones. Will you host a family gathering, showering your dearest relatives with dishes that you have learned while attending cooking classes online? Or are you hoping to woo a special someone over a four-course meal you’ve lovingly prepared? We’ve got some ideas to spruce up your table centerpiece that will set the mood for a spectacular Valentine’s.

Many people give their loved ones flowers for V-Day. The blooms signify lasting friendship, new life and love. They’re beautiful to look at and many have an enticing aroma that will lightly scent your home, making it smell delightful. If you are planning to give your Valentine a bouquet of flowers, consider putting them in a vase and using them as a centerpiece before sending them home with your date.

Long-stemmed roses make a better door than a window. They’re so tall you won’t be able to see one another. If you want to use these gorgeous flowers, set your places next to each other, instead of across from one another. This way, you will be able to see each other and you can easily hold hands or embrace without the table between you. Another great way to use flower is to float them in water. Place individual blooms on water inside of a wine glass, pretty bowl or vase. You can even add floating candles for extra ambiance.

Nothing says romance like a beautiful candle-lit table. Arrange red and pink ones of different heights in delicate crystal bowls as your centerpiece. The crystal will help spread the light to the darker corners of the room and it is beautiful to look at. If you are looking for a more classic table, go for all white candlesticks. These emit a lot of light and don’t take up a lot of space. Set them in silver or glass candle holders for some added elegance. If you have a set of family heirloom candlestick holders, this is the perfect time to bring them out. Votive candles are another smaller option that won’t take up your entire table. Place a votive into a small clear glass and make a little grouping of them. Spread colored stones or flower petals around the votives for a simple and stunning centerpiece.

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