How To Make Eggs Over Easy

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Sometimes it seems that there could be nothing simpler nor more delicious than just a plain old over easy egg. Eat it on its own, plop it on toast or an English muffin, throw it on a burger, pasta or a veggie skillet. The possibilities are endless. And there’s something about the rich, creaminess that can add an exponential amount of flavor and texture to even the simplest dish. With all the protein, vitamins D and B-12, it’s also an endless source of good things that help your body function and your brain work better. And considering a dozen eggs cost around $2, it’s also an incredibly affordable option for everyday cooking. You can even substitute egg for meat every once in a while with dishes like risotto, pasta, potatoes, rice and just about every vegetable under the sun. They all make for great matches when it comes to the buttery nature and richness of an egg over easy. 

In this online cooking class, we teach you how to make the most perfect egg over easy. Don’t leave yours up to guessing any longer and learn how to get it right every time.

Eggs Over Easy

Clarified butter
Fresh eggs


Break each egg into a dish by itself.

Add clarified butter to pan.

When fat begins to sizzle, add the eggs.

Cook eggs until the right degree of firmness.

Flip the eggs.

Once the eggs are done, flip the eggs over again and slide them onto a serving plate.

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