How Chefs Changed Pizza

Since the wave of Italian immigration to the U.S. in the early 1900s, pizza has been a firm part of the American culture. Over the years the pie has changed to represent regional influences and the creativity of chefs. To learn how to make the best dough and marinara sauce for the ultimate pie, attend an online culinary school.

Here is an roundup of chefs, compiled by Zagat, that had a hand in shaping pizza into what we know today:

Rose Totino
Possibly the name sounds familiar if you have enjoyed her brand of freezer aisle pizza. But did you know she was the first to make a frozen dough perfect for baking? It’s why she is called the “Queen of Frozen Pizza.”

Rudy Malnati
More often than you would think, there is mystery surrounding who invented popular foods. Many think Malnati created the deep dish pizza for which Chicago is known in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno. The super-thick crust with loads of sauce, mozzarella cheese and a buttery crust is available to this day at Lou Malnati’s, founded by his son.

Gennaro Lombardi
If you want to know where it all began, turn to Gennaro Lombardi, who came to New York via Naples in 1895. He sold tomato pies out of his grocery store in 1905, marking the date of the first pizzeria opening in the U.S., recognized by the Pizza Hall of Fame.

Wolfgang Puck
If you follow the food scene, you know Wolfgang Puck is a well-known celebrity chef. His claim to fame is his restaurant Spago in Los Angeles, where he makes gourmet pizza. He tops his pies with smoked salmon, lamb and other original ingredients.

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