Google Adds Nutritional Value To Search Engines

Google just made it easier to look up ingredients as you take an online culinary course. Instead of wondering how many calories there are in a cup of popcorn or being perplexed about the amount of sugar in a mango, the company is creating accessible information so people can make healthier, more informed food choices. The company announced that it would add new nutritional value information to the “Knowledge Graph” section of search engines for more than 1,000 food items. Just Google “how many calories are in an apple?” and the information pops up on your screen. Bing, another search engine and one of Google’s competitors, is also featuring easily accessible nutritional values on its site.

“This new nutritional information builds on our work on the Knowledge Graph, which brings together all kinds of information from across the web that wasn’t easily accessible,” Google noted in Tech Crunch.

According to Google, the new information will only be available in English and in the United States for now. The company plans to begin to roll out the nutritional information beginning May 30 and will continue to build the reference for the next 10 days.

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