Frozen desserts just for adults

Now that school is out, it’s not hard to feel a little cringe of jealousy as the local kids run by shrieking with ice cream melting down their arms. Students of culinary schools online will be glad that there is now a way for adults to join in the summer fun. Bars and restaurants everywhere are helping the sweltering masses cool down with nice cold desserts with a twist – these sweet and chilly treats are filled with booze. From milkshakes to ice cream bars, the options are increasing.

Shot and shake
One summer staple that no one should go without is a milkshake. Available in all shapes and sizes across the country, a few of the most intriguing adult versions can be found in New York City. The Sugar Factory American Brasserie serves an infamous shake with a no less infamous name: sexual chocolate. This is no standard shake. Starting with half-and-half, the chef blends in a fresh, strawberry puree. To complete the drink, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka is added.

“These have a little something extra to make you feel good as an adult, too,” said Brooklyn Diner manager Kate Davidson to the New York Daily News regarding her restaurant’s strawberry cheesecake shake (spiked with rum).

Boozy brown cow
A little less creamy than its milkshake counterpart, the ice cream float has also made headway in the adult drink market. The recipes for these concoctions can include anything as simple as a traditional root beer float with rum to a beer float. Chefs have been taking the opportunity to experiment with this drink and have been finding intriguing results. The sorbetti vini from Davio’s in Boston is a sorbet-topped glass of prosecco.

The adult frozen goodies that keep a distance between the liquor and the liquid can be just as enticing. Food & Wine’s Ray Isle wrote an article about his favorite “booze-infused” ice creams. Salt & Straw from Portland, Oregon, crafted a Strawberry and Verbena Pimm’s Cup. Most of the ice cream does not pack as much of an alcoholic punch, given that they only use a liquor concentrate.

“What we’re trying to do is focus on the flavor of the alcohol or cocktail, not make them boozy,” said Salt & Straw’s co-founder Tyler Malek​, according to CNN’s Eatocracy.

Also available in the ice cream category is Pearl & Ash’s ice cream bar. Its hand-held dessert touts a 4 percent alcohol content. A cold summer sweet like this can only make being an adult all the more fun.

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