Ethnic Foods Are On The Rise

Changing demographics in the United States and a shift to a more global attitude about food have lead to a desire for authentic regional cuisine for all Americans, according to Fast Casual.

“Due to paradigm as well as demographic shifts, global flavors have become celebrated as part of the norm for America’s diverse consumers,” Kimberly Egan, CEO of CCD Innovation, explained to the source. “Separating out what we used to call ethnic food from mainstream fare is no longer relevant. We are living in a multicultural culinary era.”

Foodies in international cooking schools are no longer the only ones venturing into ethnic restaurants as a way to shake things up in their meal plans. Multicultural dining has now become a common way of life for many Americans. This is certainly true for cities, which typically have a higher concentration of multicultural demographics.

Fast Casual also pointed out that even market trends like the popularity of coconut water can be attributed to an increase in Hispanic and Asian populations. If you are just getting started in your online chef courses, make sure to learn about global culinary trends – chances are you may end up cooking up one of these dishes down the road.

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