Esquire honors Atlanta’s Gun​show

Atlanta culinary academy students have a new hotspot to try; Esquire Magazine recently honored Gunshow by including it on their list of the Best New Restaurants in America for 2014.This is a considerable honor for the restaurant, as only 12 establishments are included in the awards list.

Gunshow, which opened in May 2013, according to Access Atlanta, is headed up by chefs Kevin Gillepsie and Joey Ward. The restaurant is a blend of Chinese dim sum and Brazilian cuisine, resulting in a small-plate experience that’s hard to beat in Atlanta. The cuisine focuses on what the two chefs have come to define as the “lardcore” style. Their menu blends together innovative dim sum dishes, brought around the restaurant on small carts, with meat-intensive favorites, such as pork skin risotto or foie gras with a Coca-Cola reduction.

In describing the restaurant, Esquire food editor Josh Ozersky was sure to comment on the fact that Gunshow caters very overtly to a predominantly male audience. According to Ozersky, this is apparent mostly in the decor…or, lack thereof:

“If there is a manlier restaurant in America than Atlanta’s Gunshow, you probably don’t want to eat there,” wrote Ozersky. “Its lights are interrogation harsh. Its walls and floors are hard and bare. If not for the giant painting of a boar that serves as the place’s only decoration, it would look like an abandoned factory. Or a meth lab.”

Decor aside, one can’t seem to argue with the culinary prowess of these two chefs who have burst onto the Atlanta culinary scene with no signs of slowing down. Access Atlanta reported that the two attended the Esquire American Food and Drink Awards party in New York City in style; at the event, they cooked a sampling of dishes celebrating their ‘lardcore’ philosophy, including open-pit pork ribs and olive oil poached white shrimp.

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