Eataly Opens Second US Location In Chicago

​Eataly, the Italian foods mecca spearheaded by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, has opened its second U.S. location in Chicago.Of the 26 Eataly locations worldwide, Eataly Chicago ranks among the largest at 63,000 square feet, absolutely dwarfing its American brother in New York City. A look inside the Chicago complex reveals what attracted 120,000 people to the location during its first week alone.

Dine in
The seven sit-down restaurants on Eataly Chicago’s second floor all center around their own theme. From Pizza/Pasta to Verdure (vegetables), each restaurant boasts a menu offering a unique selection of Italian dishes always served with a side of fresh baked bread and olive oil. Perhaps the most uniquely Chicago restaurant, however, is Carne, featuring meat-centric dishes that allow guests to try anything from quail to calves’ livers.

Visitors to Eataly Chicago have a number of stand-up counter options along with the more traditional sit-down restaurants. From fresh focaccia and focaccia ripiena at the Focacceria to the juicy prime rib sandwich or daily selection of roasted meats from the Rosticceria, this Eataly certainly has something for every budget and appetite. And for dessert, don’t miss out on the selection of gelato or any of the house-made pastries on the first floor.

Peek behind the curtain
Eataly prides itself not only on making as much as it can in house, but also on making its production as visible as possible. While strolling through the location’s two levels, guests can watch as fresh mozzarella is made behind glass panels at the mozzarella lab, or peer in on the huge brass tanks of the brewery where beer is made for the brewpub, Birrerria. Additionally, the majority of the restaurants on the second level feature open kitchens. Even the authentic Neapolitan pizza is tossed and topped in front of diners before being baked in one of the two massive gold-tiled wood-burning pizza ovens.

Taking it home with you
Eataly strives not only to be a prime location for a tasty Italian meal, but also a resource for home chefs and professional cooks. Eataly Chicago features many diverse retail options where shoppers can purchase fresh pasta, produce, seafood or meat, making it an invaluable resource for online cooking school students working from home in Chicago. There is also an expansive selection of Italian wines and a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the perfect pairing for your next home-cooked meal.

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