Diner Food: An American Classic

There’s nothing like visiting a 24-hour diner off the highway with a group of friends after a night out. Sure, the coffee in that heavy mug may not be fair trade or organic, and that omelet probably wasn’t made with free-range eggs. However, none of that seems to matter when you just need a comforting snack. While each region of the country has its own particular style of diner food – Michigan prefers Greek-style diners, while Southern states prefer the waffle variety – everyone has their own preferred diner in their area. Though diner-style fare isn’t the epitome of a culinary academy education, it certainly has its place in American cuisine. Here are some key aspects to a delicious diner meal:

Everyone loves a classic milkshake.Everyone loves a classic milkshake.

Toast: There is no denying that diner toast is some of the best toast there is. For many, it’s been a puzzle as to why the cheap white bread that comes alongside their breakfast dish is just so darn good. Well, Extra Crispy got to the bottom of it and talked “The Food Lab” author, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

“For the very best toast, do it the way they do it in the very best diners: on a griddle or pan, in butter,” said Lopez-Alt. “Slowly frying bread in a buttered skillet will give you deeper, more even browning and less internal moisture loss.”

Home fries: Home fries are another favorite breakfast favorite all across the country. These potatoes are lightly seasoned to perfection, with a soft, fluffy center and a crispy outside. According to The Kitchn, the ultimate home fries are made with a mild and starchy potato, like a russet, since they absorb butter so well.

Milkshakes: While milkshakes might not be as much of a diner staple now as they were back in the ’50s, they’re still a beloved favorite. Make a perfect milkshake with hard-packed ice cream, some milk and your favorite syrups and malt powder for a classic twist. If you’re using a shake machine, put all of the ingredients in a tin cup to mix it, and pour the finished shake into a chilled glass cup. While you can add ice cubes, this will likely end up watering your shake down before you can finish it. For a creamy shake, you best bet is to go without.

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