Where Culinary School And Homeschool Meet: Josh Meyer Spotlight

There are a number of factors that influenced the design of Escoffier Online’s culinary programs, but chief among them were flexibility and convenience. We wanted programs that were accessible anywhere you could get to a computer, no matter what time of day it was. We envisioned a school that opened up the world of culinary arts to even more people. What we didn’t know was how well our programs would work for a homeschool cooking curriculum or to serve as a culinary arts curriculum for high school communities.

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent, a public school teacher or an interested high school student at any level who’s interested in expanding his or her culinary knowledge, Escoffier’s 100% online cooking lessons can benefit you. The world of culinary arts can expand your horizons and introduce you to the fun and dynamic food industry, a field that’s vitally woven into modern-day culture and is expected to have continuous job growth. Adding a culinary arts curriculum for high school students has a number of advantages. On top of forever knowing how to cook — a valuable life skill — they also learn important lessons on discipline, attention to detail, multitasking, patience and the delicious joys of just how much hard work pays off.

In this spotlight, we have our very own Josh Meyer, Vice President of Sales and Admissions, telling us all about how Escoffier Online is a great addition to any home educator’s curriculum.

Escoffier: What does having a culinary education offer homeschool students?

Josh: With 10% of all jobs being tied to the food service industry, having a culinary arts education provides homeschool students the opportunity to enter the foodservice industry with an entry level position while still in high school.

Escoffier: Why is the Escoffier program a great homeschooling option?

Josh: The premise of homeschooling involves self-paced, one on one learning with flexible scheduling. At Escoffier Online, our culinary and baking & pastry programs fit this criteria perfectly. Home educators can incorporate our 100% online and self-paced programs with their homeschool curriculum and daily lesson plan. By completing their culinary and/or baking and pastry certificate as part of their online homeschooling lessons, students can be fully prepared to get an entry level position within the industry while even in high school.

Escoffier: What can it give students who take it that other programs don’t?

Josh: Our 100% online and self-paced culinary and baking & pastry programs provide the convenience and flexibility for home schoolers to complete their industry recognized certificate while still completing junior high or high school.

Escoffier: As someone who was homeschooled, why do you personally think this program is the best?

Josh: I believe our programs are a perfect fit for parents wanting to give their children a

Rebekah Frederick, Escoffier Online homeschool culinary graduate

Rebekah Frederick, Escoffier Online homeschool culinary graduate

great option for an elective within their homeschool curriculum and lesson plan. Regardless if the student pursues a career in the culinary arts or not, the skills taught within our program can enrich the student’s overall homeschool experience.

Escoffier: Share one example of a success story that stuck out to you.

Josh: Rebekah Frederick, one of our culinary graduates, incorporated our online culinary arts program with her high school curriculum and has since received an entry level position at a local restaurant as a result of having the option to complete our program while in high school.

Escoffier: How does the Escoffier program help homeschool teachers?

Josh: I believe our online programs provide options for the parents who are the educators of their children within the homeschool environment. Our programs provide opportunity for homeschool families to spend time together in their kitchen learning the lessons, skills and techniques inspired by Chef Auguste Escoffier, who was an advocate of furthering culinary education around the world.

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