Tips for making the perfect grilled cheese

Grillled cheese is a lunch staple for people of all ages. We cook them for our children on the weekends, our spouses when in a hurry to eat dinner and even whip them together for ourselves after a long day of culinary academy coursework. There are many ways to make an incredible version of this sandwich, but there are just as many opportunities to mess it up. Try these tips for making the perfect grilled cheese:

Use a pastry brush
One of the most common missteps  in regards to grilled cheese is burnt edges. As anyone with picky family members knows, dark brown or black do not belong on a sandwich. (Hey, we like the charred taste of a little too-done edges, but a lot of people don't.) This mishap often occurs when the butter you used on the bread was not spread evenly. Areas with a lot of butter cook faster and burn. To avoid this, spread melted butter onto the bread using a pastry brush. This will allow you to get a thin, even layer, which will result in light brown toasted bread. Just be sure you're keeping an eye on it. Even well-buttered bread can burn if left on the pan for too long.

Cover it up
Another complaint that frequently echoes from the mouths of grilled-cheese-eaters is that the cheese isn't done all the way. If you use only a thin layer of the dairy product, you will likely be ok and quickly experience melty goodness. For those of us who like to stack thicker cheeses on our sandwiches, we may need to try a different method. Cook the grilled cheese in a frying pan and add the cover. The cover will keep the heat in, making the cheese more likely to melt.

Use medium heat
Ok, you're hungry. That doesn't mean you should cook your grilled cheese on high heat. It won't make your sandwich get done faster, but it is likely to make your bread burn and the cheese not cook at all. Use medium heat instead.

Add ingredients
Classic cheese-andโ€‹-bread sandwiches are delicious, but there are plenty of options to explore. Consider adding tomatoes, herbs, bacon, jalapenos, potato chips and even eggs to your grilled sandwich. Also try experimenting with different varieties of cheese. You may find that the typical American isn't as tasty as mozzarella, brie or mascarpone. You could make your own grilled cheese bar, asking your family to choose their own cheese and toppings, creating the perfect personalized sandwiches that everyone will love.

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