The Dream Kitchen Is A Reality At The Food Network’s Headquarters

When you’re working your way through your online culinary arts course, do you find yourself dreaming of the perfect kitchen? A kitchen with every appliance, tool, ingredient and spice imaginable? Well, there is at least one place where that dream is a reality: the Food Network’s test kitchen.

The dream kitchen
Located at the Food Network’s headquarters in Manhattan, the test kitchen is like a mini culinary school. According to Variety, every dish that is featured on air is put through the ringer, and the approximately 120 recipes that find their way into Food’s monthly magazine are tried out.

Essentially, an entire cookbook’s worth of food, cooking instruments and dishes make their way through the kitchen every month. And employees at the network are kept happy by being afforded the opportunity to stop by any of the two to four tasting sessions that are held there on average every day.

“We really engage with all different parts of the brand,” Katherine Alford, senior VP of culinary for Food and Cooking Channel, told Variety. “One week we might be doing high-end recipes for ‘Iron Chef,’ the next week we’re doing kids’ recipes for the website. If America’s eating it, we’re cooking it and touching it one way or another.”

Planning your own dream kitchen
Cooking shows, whether they appear on the Food Network or elsewhere, are excellent sources for both recipes and products that you might want to try out with the knowledge and skills you’ve picked up in your online culinary arts school.

For instance, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the tips you pick up from shows like the upcoming two-hour special “Thanksgiving Live!,” which will air on the Food Network, could help you take your turkey day game to a whole other level.

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