Preventing Cuts In The Kitchen

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, odds are you’re going to have at least one cut in the kitchen eventually. Even the most seasoned of chefs in the culinary academy have needed first aid from time to time.

Although band-aids are great things to have no matter what, a trip to the emergency room isn’t exactly what you want out of your online culinary programs. The Dr. Oz Show offered some excellent tips on what to do if you encounter a cut in the kitchen:

  • Clean the cut by washing your hands right away with water – don’t use soap!
  • You can use eye drops, ice cubes or even cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding if the cut is small.
  • Apply continuous pressure to the wound for 10 minutes if it’s large.
  • If you’re accident-prone it may be wise to pick up gauze, as they are great bandages to have around.
  • To determine if you need to go to the ER, try moving your finger. If you can’t move it in both directions, it means you’ve hit a nerve or tendon and need to seek medical help immediately.
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