Gallery showing features chefs and their knives

Many people say that a true artist is only as good as his or her tools. For those in online chef programs, this means that their choice of knives can have a direct impact on their success in culinary arts programs they may participate in.

To San Francisco chef Eddie Lau, life is always imitating art. Lau recently came up with an innovative way to tell the story of chefs and their craft: Photographing their knives and then putting them on display to the public.

Chefs have a deep connection with their tools, and Lau wanted to show this in a poignant and artistic way, according to the San Francisco Gate. His exhibit, “Beneath the Sheaths,” shows a personal and special glimpse into the culinary lives of many area chefs. From the striking look of a local butcher’s cutting tools to a simple pair of fish tweezers by an area fishmonger, the stories of culinary arts programs come alive through photography.

“So when you’re in the kitchen and you’re the guy who comes in with your new knife, everyone always eyes you. It’s like you’re the guy in the neighborhood that’s just bought a new car – there’s jealousy – though it’s so personal.” Lau admitted to the source.

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