How To Make Eggs Sunny Side Up

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Want to know what perhaps the best thing is about a sunny side up egg? They’re just so darn happy. I mean, look at them. With their perfectly white bases and sunshine yellow yolks, it’s impossible to not want to take a big bite out of it. But to get those whites unburned and the yolk perfectly runny without overcooking it can be a bit of a feat if you don’t know what you’re doing. Making an egg may not be the most difficult culinary venture, but to make it well definitely takes some skill. A chef’s talent, after all, used to be measured by how many different ways they could make an egg. We won’t judge you by how many ways you can do yours but we will help you out along the way.

In the online cooking course, we teach you how to make the best sunny side up egg we know how to. Give yourself something to look forward to for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Sunny Side Up Eggs
Clarified butter
Salt and pepper to taste


Crack egg into separate small dishes or ramekins.

Add clarified butter to frying pan. When it starts to sizzle, add eggs.

Cook eggs until desired degree of firmness.

Remove from pan, add to plate and serve.

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