How To Make Couscous

Couscous is a word and a dish that most people in the U.S. are familiar with. If they’ve never made it or tasted it, they’re at least familiar with the word. But what they might not know is that couscous is a North West African dish popular in exotic countries like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It’s a staple in Maghrebian fare, often being served multiple times a day with different meals like different meat and vegetables stews. In America, couscous can work as a great healthy side to pretty much any meal. Pair it with some grilled veggies and pork chops over your more traditional rice and mashed potatoes to try something new with your dinner. Or, do as the Morrocans do, and fix yourself a stew with pulling apart chicken, potatoes, peppers and onions and pour it over a big helping of couscous for a bit of variety in your dinner.

In this online culinary class, we teach you how to make the delicious African dish, couscous. Spice up your dinners with a bit of Africa!

Couscous Recipe:


1 cup Moroccan couscous

1 Garlic clove crushed

16 oz. Chicken stock

1 oz. Butter

1 Chopped Onion

1 Red pepper chopped

2 T Cilantro chopped


1. Heat butter in sautéed pan and add onion and garlic. Cook until onions are translucent.

2. Add the pepper

3. Stir in couscous, add chicken stock, and bring to a boil.

3. Remove off heat, cover, and allow to stand for 5 minutes.

4. Add cilantro to the couscous an adjust seasonings.



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