Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken

Pan Roasted Chicken Breasts with Sage-Vermouth Sauce

Pan-roasting is a great way to cook chicken parts, whereas in the oven, the skin never seems to crisp up enough. That’s because chicken parts cook much faster than a whole bird. Our solution is simple: brown the chicken parts in a skillet until the fat has rendered and the skin is really crisp, then transfer the skillet to the oven so the chicken can finish cooking through. Once the chicken is done, you can set it aside and start on the pan sauce, based on the flavorful browned bits in the pan. You can also take the chicken out of the pan, prepare a quick glaze in the pan and then return the chicken to continue roasting. Either way, there are dozens of sauces you can prepare to vary this basic recipe. In this online cooking class we introduce you to roasting techniques, and demonstrate a flavorful sage-vermouth sauce, perfectly paired for your lightly browned chicken.

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