Fluffy Omelet

Fluffy Omelet with Mushroom Filling

In addition to a refined French omelet and the hearty diner version, there’s a third, less familiar omelet style that’s nothing like these two. Often referred to as a fluffy omelet, this version dwarfs the diner type by at least a couple of inches. Fluffy omelets use the ambient, forgiving heat of the oven, which eliminates the usual fiddling with the burner flame to prevent overcooking. In this online cooking course we will create a fluffy omelet incorporating whipped egg whites for structure and a few secret ingredients. We also share some of our favorite recipes for Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Filling, Mushroom Filling, and Artichoke and Bacon Filling. Versatile omelets make egg-cellent starts to your weekends, a perfect brunch option or a quick, hearty dinner.

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