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Inspired by the world-renowned master chef, Auguste Escoffier, Escoffier Online offers the most comprehensive curriculum set available today. Our program is recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a quality program. Through our partnerships, Escoffier Online is used by students, professionals in the hospitality industry, and military families in both English and Spanish.

Auguste Escoffier

Who was Chef Auguste Escoffier?

Auguste Escoffier was the first celebrity chef of the 20th century. He enjoyed international recognition with many foodie followers and with politicians, royalty, inventors, artists/singers, captains of industry and writers of that era.

“Escoffier” is a name known the world over as The Master (Le Maitre) and is the source for many of the cooking methods and the brigade system used in professional kitchens today. For expert chefs everywhere, the name Auguste Escoffier is synonymous with excellence, quality, commitment and skill in the culinary profession. Few people in history have made such a profound effect on their profession. Escoffier – The Master of Cooking – revolutionized the professional kitchen and brought it into the 20th century. The history of culinary arts would simply not be the same without his influence.

His talent as a writer was profound. He authored 5,000 recipes in his eight landmark books. “Le Guide Culinaire” is the most widely known and continues to be used today as the classic French cuisine bible. Moreover, Escoffier was the first chef to author a monthly magazine, Le Carnet D’Epicure.

Having first codified the art of cuisine, he remains today the first and foremost theoretician of modern cookery. A forward thinker, Escoffier insisted that food be in used only in season and be ripe before being used. He supported local agriculture way before it was popular. He regularly visited farms and vegetable farms, most notably asparagus, to encourage farmers to produce more.

“Others will come … tomorrow who will take on our work, make changes to it and transform it to meet new needs, needs that we cannot suspect today, just as we did the same to modify the work of our predecessors. This is the inevitable consequence of progress, Far from complaining, we will rejoice even more, knowing that we have firmly contributed, by preparing the future to maintaining intact those of the great traditions of the past that must remain … eternal.”

Chef Randall Sansom

Executive Chef, Triumph Higher Education

Learning the art of cooking and working to become a great chef is a lifelong adventure. Along your path you will meet many people who are just like you: passionate, driven and focused. These are the people who eat, sleep and breath cooking, they even dream of food! Every great master was once exactly where you are now. Put on your jacket, sharpen your knives and let’s get started. Welcome to the Journey.

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