Slab Pies to Feed a Crowd

This online baking course introduces you to a concept you may not yet be familiar with; SLAB PIES! So, what is a slab pie? A slab pie is a pie made in a sheet pan. It has all the things you love about a traditional pie – flaky crust; sweet (or savory) filling – but it can serve up to 24 people. In almost the same amount of time it would take you to make a traditional pie, you now have pie for a crowd. While we’ve designed the pies in this course to work specifically as slab pies, you can adapt most recipes to work as a slab pie as well. Today we will create FOUR Slab Pies: Triple Berry with Ginger-Lemon Streusel, Peach, Apple, and Pear-Butterscotch. Once you’ve taken this online baking class you’ll realize that slab pies are as easy as…well, pie!

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