Perfect Pot-Roasting

Most of you have probably made or least heard of a pot roast. But did you know that the term ‘pot-roasting’ is actually a cooking technique? It’s a combination cooking method, much like braising or stewing, where a large cut of meat is first browned on the stove top-which is where the hearty flavor begins. Then the meat covered in liquid and placed into the oven where slow, steady heat cooks it to perfection. In this pot-roasting course, we introduce you to pot-roasting and cooking en cocotte, which is basically the same principle as pot-roasting but there is no need for the additional liquid as the meat cooks in its own juices. One of the best parts of these cooking methods is that the only equipment you’ll need is a pot and tongs. This online cooking course then goes on to teach you how make a beef pot roast with red wine, bacon and onions and cooking chicken en cocotte.

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