Advanced Knife Skills

Gorgeous knife skills can help turn any dish from average to expert. Sometimes just a matter of cutting a square into a triangle can turn an entrée or side dish into a complex and beautifully presented course. From the more traditional diagonal and rondelle to the geometric heaven that is the more complicated payanne cuts and the tourney, knife cuts go a long way in the culinary world. Just like most things in life, all it takes is some practice, most likely many potato casualties and, before you know it, you can be chopping veggies like the professionals. Just wait until you see what they do with a mushroom!

In today’s instructional video, you learn advanced knife cutting skills to turn that ordinary pasta salad you were going to bring to that Memorial Day barbecue into a fabulous mélange of different shapes. And hey, even it doesn’t taste any different; at least it looks good, right?

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